Appointment of new Vicar General and Diocesan Chancellor

Following his recent consultation with the clergy of the diocese, Archbishop George has appointed a new Vicar General and a new Chancellor for the diocese.  Archbishop George says:


“Following the recent consultation on the appointment of Vicar General, Canon Joseph Boardman has agreed to assume this important responsibility.  I envisage the appointment will take effect sometime after Easter, following a transition period with Mgr. Bob Reardon to whom I express my deep gratitude for his sterling work on my behalf and on behalf of the diocese.

I have appointed Fr David Hayman as Chancellor of the diocese.  He already exercises significant canonical functions within the diocese, and I am grateful for his willingness to continue serving us in this important field.  My vision for these two posts is that the Vicar General should be the ‘Minister of Internal Affairs’ and the Chancellor the “Minister of External Affairs”.  The next few months will allow the opportunity for defining what that means.  As always, I welcome comments and suggestions from priests, deaneries and consulters as to how best we may organise our affairs in the diocese for the greater good of the Church and our people”.


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