Archdiocesan Director of Religious Education to Retire

Mrs Anne Manghan, Director of Religious Education for the Archdiocese of Cardiff, has signified her intention to retire from her post on 31st August 2012.  She was appointed to the post in April 2004 having previously served as headteacher of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Port Talbot for eight years.

Over the past eight years, Mrs Manghan has been responsible for the strategic direction and development of the religious and spiritual life of the schools and colleges of the diocese, fifty-eight in total, and the implementation and management of Sections 48 and 50 of Archdiocesan inspections as well as the organisation of the Catholic Certificate in Religious Studies (CCRS).

Countless numbers of pupils, staff, diocesan and educational colleagues will have good reason to be grateful for the dedication and professionalism Mrs Manghan has brought to the role.  In thanking her for her outstanding contribution in the field of religious education, the diocesan family wishes her every blessing in her forthcoming retirement.


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