Archdiocese commemorates all the Saints

Archbishop George led a lunch time congregation in celebrating the feast of All Saints at the cathedral today.

Reflecting on November as being the month where we remember all souls, the Archbishop reminded the congregation that the call to be saints and the promise of victory has its root in our baptismal calling. Acknowledging the fact that we are sinners and do fall, the Archbishop promptly reminded those assembled that the victory has been won and there is nothing to be feared in the final judgement as the ‘pain’ of purgatory is our own realisation of how we failed to love God and the purification of our souls to love him completely.

The saints are a shining example of complete love here on earth. The Archbishop reminded everyone that the ‘saints’ we celebrate on this feast of All Saints are not just the saints we know of, but all souls who experience the vision of God in heaven. Tomorrow’s feast of All Souls compliments today’s feast as we pray for the purification of souls in purgatory that God be merciful.

Whilst we must try and live saintly lives we must remember that the saintly life is attainable through the gracious mercy and love of God.

After Mass, members of the congregation gathered in the Cornerstone at St David’s to to continue celebrating the feast of All Saints.



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