URGENT CONSULTATION – Your input is required


At the beginning of October, the Holy Father Pope Francis called an Extraordinary General Assembly of the Synod of Bishops on the theme:
 ‘Pastoral Challenges of the Family in the context of evangelization’. The Synod will convene in Rome meet in Rome between 5-19 October 2014.

As part of the preparations for the Synod, Pope Francis has asked the dioceses throughout the world to complete a broad consultation as a matter of urgency.  The results of the consultation will be used as ‘Universal’ input into the Synod. A Preparatory Document has been prepared which outlines the questions for consideration.

Download the Preparatory Document here from the Bishop’s Conference web site

Within the Archdiocese of Cardiff, Archbishop George is coordinating with the College of Consulters and the Commission on Parenting and Family Life on how best to administer the consultation.  As more news becomes available it will appear on the diocesan website home page www.racdc.org.

As a starting point, Archbishop George is asking as many individuals and families within the Archdiocese to read the preparatory document and complete a questionnaire.  You can download the questionnaire below.

Download the Questionnaire

Completed questionnaires must be returned to parenting@rcadc.org by Novermber 30th 2013.  The replies from within the diocese will be collated and a report produced for presentation to the Bishop’s Conference of England and Wales.

Due to the urgent nature of the consultation, you may wish to complete the online questionnaire provided by the Bishop’s Conference.

Online survey from the CCEW web site

Marriage and Family Life are contentious issues in the world, and we have seen a number of changes in the past 50 years that have eroded Marriage and Family Life.  Do take this opportunity to have your say during the consultation as we work together in the name of the great institution of marriage and the family.



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