St Philip Evans Primary School Headteacher is the ‘UK Primary Headteacher of the Year’


Described as being ‘inspirational’ and having ‘high standards’, Catherine Power of our own St Philip Evans Primary School in Llanederyn, Cardiff was named ‘Headteacher of the Year in a Primary School’ by the Teaching Awards Trust.  Catherine had been awarded the title of ‘Headteacher of the Year’ within Wales, which nominated her for the national prize.

The UK panel noted that “High standards and high expectations are central to Catherine Power’s headship – everyone is challenged to fulfil their potential whatever their background”.  Whilst the Estyn report for St Philip Evans noted both current performance and future prospects for improvement as ‘excellent’.

Catherine has been the head of St Philip Evans for 13 years.  Her passion for her work and care for the staff and pupils of the school ensure that the school community always works towards continuous improvement, enabling future generations to have the best start possible in education.  It was noted in the awards process that approximately a quarter of the pupils receive free school meals and a third have English as their second language, yet St Philip Evans “consistently outperforms other schools with similar intakes”. Results within the school are consistently in the top quarter for Wales and higher than any other school within Cardiff.  Maths and literacy buck the trend within Wales as a whole.

The UK judges remarked that Catherine has managed to create something extraordinary in the school community by instilling confidence and a love for learning within staff, pupils and parents.  The school itself comes alive from the moment anyone sets foot through the door; staff remark how they often get a ‘buzz’ from being at the school.  From reading the various reports that have been published on this topic, you can easily get the impression that the community at St Philip Evans Primary is a ‘community’ in the true Christian Catholic Spirit.

The award is a wonderful achievement for Catherine personally as well as for the school, the diocese and Wales.  Congratulations to Catherine and the community at St Philip Evans, may you continue to grow and improve, setting the standard in a world of challenges.

You can read the Teaching Awards press release here.


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