Archbishop reopens and blesses Cathedral North Doors


Today at Solemn Mass for the Solemnity of Christ the Universal King, Archbishop George blessed and reopened the North doors of St. David’s Cathedral.  The North doors had been locked for a number of years to allow the porch to be used as a chapel for the beautiful statue of the Pieta.  However during recent works at the cathedral a new side chapel was opened and the Pieta moved.

Better access for wheelchairs and shoppers

As part of the celebrations of today’s feast and the closing of the Year of Faith, the Archbishop formally reopened the North entrance allow better wheelchair access to the cathedral, and provide a point of entrance more convenient for those coming via St. David’s Shopping Centre.  This makes the cathedral more accessible to passing shoppers and is an opportunity for evangelisation.

Behold I stand at the door and knock

The Mass started with the Archbishop and sanctuary party (minus the Dean of the Cathedral) making their way to the locked North doors.  Then in a scene reminiscent of Black Rod and the state opening of Parliament, the Archbishop used the asperges sprinkler to knock three times on the door to gain admittance.  The doors were opened by the Dean of the Cathedral, Canon Peter Collins, and the blessing ceremony took place.  Mass then continued as normal.

More works to follow

The works undertaken at the cathedral that enabled the reopening of the doors has seen the addition of four side chapels and the redecoration of the Sanctuary.  The year 2016 will mark the centenary of the Archdiocese of Cardiff, at which time it is planned that the Cathedral church will undergo major rennovations.

Photographs of the blessing may be seen on the diocesan website, courtesy of Mr Patrick Smalley.


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