Year of Faith draws to a close

The Year of Faith proclaimed by Pope Benedict XVI last year drew to a close on the Feast of Christ the King, 24 November. The announcement of the year was contained in a beautiful letter from the Pope entitled “Porta Fidei” – The Door of Faith. Christ is the Door through which everyone enters into union with God.


Many parishes have had special events and programs marking the Year of Faith. They have been a source of great blessing to the people of the Diocese. St. David’s Cathedral hosted a series of talks and explorations entitled “Come and See” and hopes to continue with such programs at The Cornerstone in the future.


The entrance at the north end of the Cathedral was ceremonially opened and re-dedicated by the Archbishop at the Mass of Christ the King as a sign of “Porta Fidei”. The ceremonial opening consisted of a blessing of the doors and the inauguration of the new ramp which had involved considerable re-ordering of the walls and fencing on that side of the Cathedral. This work is part of further imporovements within the Cathedral,including the repainting of the reredos on the sanctuary and the re-instatement of four devotional chapels within the Cathedral. The crucifix which will hang over the sanctuary is part of this minor renovation program.




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