Christmas Message from Archbishop George Stack

The glorious sunshine of Christmas Day is in stark contrast to the gales and floods we have experienced over the last few days. The turmoil of travel as people tried to get home for Christmas has also brought its share of hardship and worry. The upheaval of those last few days is in stark contrast to the beauty and calm the weather has brought to this Christmas Day.

In a small way, those contrasts reflect the faith we have that light shines in the darkness, that good will overcome evil. This finds its’ ultimate expression in the revelation of God in His Son, Jesus Christ. He is God’s word made flesh. He became human in order that we humans might share in the divine. This is the Magnum Mysterium, the Great Mystery, we celebrate at Christmas.

I hope that wherever you are spending Christmas you will have the opportunity to give thanks for the life and love that is yours. I pray for those for whom Christmas brings its own sadness, not least through sickness and bereavement. At Christmas Mass in St. David’s Cathedral I prayed for all who belong to the family of the Church here in this Diocese of Cardiff. And I prayed that, through us, all people of goodwill will experience something of the love of God made visible in Jesus Christ.

A happy and holy Christmas to you all.

+George Stack

Archbishop of Cardiff


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