Welsh Churches to celebrate Family Life at St David’s Cathedral

On Saturday 8th March 2014 at 12 noon, St. David’s Cathedral, Cardiff, will play host to an Ecumenical Celebration of Family Life.

Celebrating Family Life Logo

Working with CYTUN,  (Churches together in Wales), the Archdiocesan Commissions for Family Life and Christian Unity are organising a special non-eucharistic liturgy in celebration of family life in the presence of Archbishop George Stack.

Anne Ballard, Chair of the Archdiocesan Family Life Commission recently reminded the clergy of the diocese that “The family is a place not only for couples, siblings, children and parents but also for the single, communities of religious, the bereaved, the divorced and the lonely. The family can be a place of great joy and blessings, but there are also times when it may experience difficulties and challenges. Those moments are where the light of God can enter in – where and when it’s most needed”.

The service will reflect the reality of the family life we heard about during Listening 2004: blessed, broken but always living love. The Commissions for Family Life and Christian Unity hope that you can join them for this celebration, and that you will encourage others to join them in celebrating God’s love at work in our everyday lives.

If you would like to advertise this event – Download Event Poster

For more information keep an eye on the Celebrating Family Life page


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