Archbishop delivers address at Colloquium on Priesthood

On 22nd January 2014, Downside Abbey hosted a Colloquium on Priesthood to celebrate Downside’s bicentennial year. There were a range of speakers attending from both the Catholic and other Christian dominations. Our own Archbishop George Stack was invited to to deliver an address on The relationship between the Bishop and the Priest.

The Colloquium was organised as part of the “Beacon of Learning” project, which is funded by a major grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. “Beacon of Learning” also involves the repair of the 1960’s monastic library, the cataloguing of 450,000 books (45,000 of which constitute the rare book collection) and a range of events, conferences and lectures at the St. Bede’s Centre.

The Archdiocese is currently making a similar application to the Heritage Lottery Fund in support of The Cornerstone project. The application is currently under consideration. If successful, it will enable a similar program of faith formation, educational work and historical presentations as well as initiatives already underway at The Cornerstone.

Archbishop George with other speakers

Archbishop George Stack (2nd from right) is pictured with Abbot Aidan Bellenger (right) and Fr. Christopher Jamieson (left) at Downside Abbey, together with the Very Rev. John Clark (Dean of Wells), Canon Peter Newby (centre), Fr. Peter Cornwell of the Clifton Diocese and Fr. James Siemens of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church (2nd from left).


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