Annual youth retreat gets underway


This evening the Annual Youth Retreat for the you of Wales got underway at St. David’s College in Cardiff.  Registration started at 5:00pm as young people from around Wales and further afield started to arrive.  Participants were still arriving even at 9:00pm.

Led by the Youth 2000 ministry, the retreat follows on from the success of the first Welsh retreat held last year.  Last year some 130 people the weekend.  Approximately 50 had arrived this year within 2 hours of registration opening with more expected through the evening and into tomorrow.

As part of the ‘welcome’ session Fr Tom Dubois of Clifton Diocese encouraged the young people to open their hearts and minds to the Lord and then great things could happen.

The weekend offers a programme of prayer, praise, talks and discussions aimed at encouraging our young people to live a faith that is truly alive.  The retreat runs through until Sunday afternoon and is expected to be busy.  Entitled “AWAKEN” the retreat comes at the beginning of the season of Lent, a time where we are called to awaken to the call of the Lord in our lives and draw closer to him.

Let us keep the Youth 2000 team and the participants in our prayers this weekend.  Photographs from the weekend can be found here as and when they become available.

Click here to find out more about Youth 2000.


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