Important change for the Annual Chrism Mass


An important change is taking place this year regarding the Annual Chrism Mass.  For as long as memory serves the Mass of Chrism has been held on Holy Thursday morning.  However, this year following a consultation with the laity, Archbishop George will be celebrating the Chrism Mass at St David’s Cathedral in Cardiff on WEDNESDAY 16th April at 11:30 am.

The annual Chrism Mass brings clergy and laity from all parts of the diocese together to be with their bishop as he consecrated the Holy Oils to be used over the next year.  The name of the Mass is given from the last of the oils to be consecrated, the Sacred Chrism, which is used at Baptisms, Confirmations and Ordinations as the oil of anointing for Mission in Christ.

Please do take note of the change of date and it would be wonderful to see as many of you at the Mass as possible.


2 thoughts on “Important change for the Annual Chrism Mass

  1. Would it be possible to source the olive oil used in our Chrism Service from Zaytoun who produce fairtrade olive oil from Palestine? Perhaps Cardiff already does? Some archdioceses already use Zaytoun oil I believe and it would be a way of supporting Palestinian trade at a time of great unemployment and hardship for these people. I can supply further information f needed. Thank you.

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