Polish Community gives thanks for St John Paul II

 The Polish Community celebrate their new Saint

On the afternoon of Sunday 27th April, the day Popes John XXIII and John Paul II were canonised, the Polish community of Cardiff gathered at St David’s Cathedral to offer thanks for the canonisation of the Polish saint.  This date goes down in history as the day of four popes as two were declared saints by the current Pontiff, Pope Francis, and also present was the Pope emeritus Benedict XVI.

Archbishop George blesses the new statue of St John Paul II

The Mass of thanksgiving in Cardiff was presided by Fr Bogdan Wera of the Polish Mission based at St Patrick’s, Grangetown.  During the celebration a new statue of St John Paul II was unveiled and blessed by Archbishop George Stack.  St John Paul II remains in the hearts and minds of many Catholics as a man of great faith and trust with a shrewd sense of morality and the human person.  He remains vivid in the memories of the people of Cardiff and Wales following his visit to the city in 1982.

The people of Cardiff give thanks for our new saints of the modern time.


Images courtesy of Anna Zacjac (www.zacjacphotography.eu)


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