Answering Pope Francis’ call to be a Church for the Poor in Cardiff

The Archdiocese of Cardiff and Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) are inviting Catholics in the Archdiocese to attend a Caritas Social Action Roadshow on 17 May 2014. The event will focus on tackling domestic poverty, deprivation and other forms of marginalisation and aims to energise and expand Catholic social action across the Archdiocese building on Pope Francis’ call to be a Church for the Poor.


The Caritas Social Action Roadshow, “Being a Church for the Poor” will take place from 10:00 to 15:30 on Saturday 17 May 2014 at St David’s Catholic College, Cardiff and will bring together Catholic charities, local projects, clergy and parishioners to celebrate the wealth of social action already taking place within the Archdiocese and explore how this can be further developed. Refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Speakers will include Most Reverend George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff and Helen O’Brien, Chief Executive of CSAN. An exciting and informative programme is planned including workshops by local and national charities designed to provide practical advice to those wishing to set up new projects as well as a social action marketplace at which projects and organisations will highlight the work that they are doing to address poverty and inequality across the Archdiocese.

In speaking of the event, Archbishop George Stack has said:

“Every parish I visit in the Archdiocese of Cardiff is engaged in a significant amount of charitable work. Society describes this as “social outreach”, but we know it is firmly based on the teaching of Jesus, particularly in the Gospel of Matthew. “Lord, when did we see you hungry and give you to eat?” (Mt.25:35)”


Archbishop George is encouraging parishes, schools and religious communities to participate in the Roadshow “to help us celebrate and develop the outstanding work being undertaken by so many dedicated volunteers”.

The event organiser, Jim Barnaville, added:

“This promises to be an exciting opportunity to acknowledge and celebrate the many social action projects and activities that are taking place across the Archdiocese of Cardiff and to encourage more people to be inspired to get involved in similar work for love of God and love of neighbour”

Helen O’Brien, Chief Executive of CSAN, said:

“Catholic charities and communities are witnessing soaring levels of poverty across England and Wales, with more families struggling to meet basic living costs. Church communities and projects have been at the forefront in responding to these growing needs, supporting families on low incomes, providing food distribution schemes and assisting people who are homeless. I hope that this Roadshow will help us to build on this excellent work and energise Catholic social action in the Archdiocese of Cardiff”

To register call Jim Barnaville on 07870879621 or e-mail or by post to Jim Barnaville, Caritas Roadshow, Pastoral Resources Centre, 910 Newport Road, Rumney, Cardiff CF3 4LL


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