Archdiocese to publish Synod support materials as Lenten Reflection

In part of its preparations for the upcoming Synod of Bishops on pastoral challenges for the family to be held at the Vatican in October, the Diocese of Cardiff will be publishing materials to help its people reflect and respond to some key issues.  The materials are being distributed to all parishes, Catholic high schools and colleges within the Archdiocese to promote a wider engagement on this crucial topic.  Each parishioner within the Diocese should get a copy of the leaflet and reflection card next Sunday (1st Sunday of Lent) so they have the opportunity to use the materials as part of their Lenten reflections.

Card Cover

The reflection card is small enough to fit inside the typical books people carry to Mass each week.  It contains a ‘Credo’ of what we believe as the Church on the topic of Marriage and Family Life.  The back cover also informs the reader of how they can respond and have input into the Synod in October.

Leaflet Cover

The leaflet is a synthesis of the material presented by the Bishops Conference of England and Wales earlier this year.  It has been reviewed and redacted to make the material more user friendly.  It encourages the reader to read some key Scripture passages and reflect on some key questions on which to formulate responses for the Synod.  As people respond the Diocesan Family Life Commission will collate the responses and present them to the Bishops Conference for inclusion in a wider response on behalf of the people of England and Wales.

Everyone is encouraged to take a part in this exercise as the Church discerns the way forward on a crucial topic.


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