Catholic Bible School visits Cardiff

Catholic Bible School

A “taster day” for the Catholic Bible School was held at St Philip Evans Church, Cardiff, on 16 May. Fifteen people from as far afield as Tonypandy, Merthyr and Usk gathered to hear David Beresford, a Director of the Bible School, giving a gentle introduction to Scripture. In the course of the Saturday, David explored why there are different kinds of Bible, offered a compressed history of the Old Testament and told the story of Peter walking on water in a quite unforgettable way… we were literally on eggshells at the climax of the story!

Peter from Usk, who recently became a Catholic, found the day exceptionally useful, and said “Every recent convert should attend a day like today!” His wife, Gloria, a lifelong Catholic commented “I don’t know enough about the Bible; I found today enjoyable, informative and thought-provoking.” Among the other participantss, Lorna from Tonypandy called the day “profound” and Rosetta from Cardiff left exclaiming that “Every parish should have a Bible study group!”

This taster event, together with one which took place in Swansea later in May, was part of a launch of an ongoing series of “Scripture Saturdays” which will run in Bridgend (at St Mary’s Parish Hall) on the last Saturday of each month, 10 am – 3.30 pm. There is no fixed charge but participants are asked to contribute £10-£15 per day to help cover costs. David Beresford said, “I hope people catch something of the passion and joy of being able to open the Word of God for themselves” – his wife, Sarah, will be presenting the June 27 event in Bridgend, a reflection on what it means to be called by God today in the light of the characters we meet in the Bible and the stories they tell. Learn more at:


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