Focolare Movement ‘Start Now’ U.K. tour to start in Newport


A unique and dynamic concert will take place on Thursday, 12th November at 7.30pm. when the International performing arts group GEN VERDE presents START NOW, a 2-hour performance of song, dance, drama and percussion.

The 21 members of this all-women group form part of the Focolare movement that works for peace and dialogue among people of all faiths, belief systems and cultures.  They come from 12 countries: Argentina, Brazil, Chile, South Korea, El Salvador, Ecuador, Northern Ireland, Mexico, Panama, Portugal, Spain and the USA and share a lived experience of what it takes for people from different walks of life and cultures to live alongside each other, believing in the ideal that ‘all may be one’.

The concert is part of a five-day project that will see Gen Verde working with more than 100 young people from three secondary schools in Torfaen including our own St. Alban’s High School in Pontypool. Through a series of workshops, they will explore, through music and the arts, how to deal creatively with difference, learning skills that transfer into the whole of life. The students will then take to the stage to perform during the concert to an estimated audience of 1000 people.


Thought provoking and challenging, inspirational and uplifting, the music of Gen Verde explores the many complex issues that exist in our modern world. Their concert repertoire will include songs from On The Other Side, their latest cd, which comprises 47 minutes of rock, pop and world music, filled with passion, strength and energy, each song conveying stories of people dealing with the tragedies and achievements of today’s world or of moments that have marked a change or turning point in their lives.

Gen Verde is based at Loppiano, Italy. The changing personnel of the group has, since its inception, produced 66 albums and tours internationally year-round. A household name in Italy, this is their first visit to Wales, as part of a two-month UK tour.

The award-winning BBC Radio Wales series “All Things Considered” will be making a programme about Gen Verde’s visit to Wales, which will be broadcast on Sunday, 22 November at 9.03am.


building a peaceful and integrated society

‘starts with me’


Start Now Concert : Tickets £10


Info/Tickets: Email        Tel. 07592-437837 

Facebook: Gen Verde 2015 UK      Twitter: #StartNow2015

Venue: The Newport Centre, Kingsway, Newport, NP20 1UH


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