CAFOD urge Catholics to write to Prime Minister to urge more support for migrants


As the largest refugee crisis to hit Europe continues to escalate the Catholic Fund for Overseas Development (CAFOD) are urging supporters to email Prime Minister, David Cameron, to do more to support the vulnerable refugees.

Approximate 1/3 of the refugees are fleeing the conflict in Syria.  Since the conflict started in 2011 an estimated 12.2 million people have been forced to leaves their home, and 4 million of those have left their homeland to try and start a new life in Europe.

In addition to the email appeal, CAFOD have now also set up an emergency relief fund appeal with the monies going direct to the Caritas Internationalis appeal we announced yesterday.

You can support either of these CAFOD initiatives by following the relevant links below:

Make your voice heard … email the Prime Minister

Donate to the Caritas refugee crisis fund through CAFOD

Caritas Internationalis


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