A wing and a prayer? – Speak to Fr. Allan Davies-Hale

The priest and the Coach

Last weekend proved a momentous day for Welsh Rugby following our win over England on their home soil in the 2015 Rugby World Cup.  However, the impact of the win has raised the profile of one of our priests.

When Fr. Allan Davies-Hale celebrated the victory with his congregation at All Hallows, Llantrisant, he didn’t realise that none other than the Wales Defense Coach, Shaun Edwards was sitting in the congregation.  Now his celebration has hit national headlines and today he has only gone and made it into the Daily Telegraph!

Read the piece, including a statement from Fr. Allan –
Wales vs Fiji: Father Allan Davies-Hale hoping for more divine intervention in 2015 Rugby World Cup

And it seems the prayers of the parish priest of Treforest and Llantrisant have paid off again as Wales have just beat Fiji 23-13 at the Millenium Stadium.  Well Fr. Allan, you better get on the case for the Dragons once again as we have the gruelling match with Australia on October 10th.

Archbishop George and the clergy of the Archdiocese of Cardiff would like to remind Fr. Allan that should he be made official chaplain to the Welsh Rugby Team, we would appreciate a box at the Stadium!  Ed.

And of course, despite the biblical image, this is one time we can all shout ‘Come on the Dragons!”.


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