Cardiff church celebrates 30 Years

by Stephen Bailey, Parishioner


The parishioners of St. Philip Evans celebrated the 30th anniversary of the dedication of their church on Sunday 25th October.

Mass was celebrated by Archbishop George Stack and current parish priest Fr. Gareth Leyshon. The children’s choirs of St. Bernadette’s and St. Philip Evans primary schools sang at the Mass.

A collage banner was presented to the church which was made by the two primary schools depicting our “Parish Tree of Life” – the supporting structure being the Archbishop and Parish Priest, the leaves the parents and children of the parish, and the height of the tree, our connection between heaven and earth.

Monsignor John Maguire, who was the parish priest at the time of the Church’s dedication, also attended the service and gave an address in recognition of the celebration.

After Mass, celebrations continued in the church hall where both St. Bernadette’s and St. Philip Evans school choirs sang a number of songs, and members of the Deaf Association signed the song “One pair of hands”. Parishioners were asked to bring food for the buffet lunch which followed the entertainment.

Thanks go mainly to Elaine Payne who is the chair of the Parish Advisory Council who made this all possible.


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