Doors of Mercy open throughout the diocese

On Sunday 13th December (Gaudete Sunday) the diocese was invited to enter into the joy of God’s presence with the start of the Jubilee Year of Mercy within the diocese.  Archbishop George opened the Door of Mercy at St. David’s Cathedral, whilst Abbot Paul Stoneham opened the Door of Mercy at Belmont Abbey.

Doors of Mercy were also opened at St. Mary’s Bridgend, St. Mary’s Merthyr Tydfil and St. Mary’s Newport following the Holy Father’s desire to make pilgrimage to a Holy Door more accessible and Holy Doors pop up outside of Rome for the first time in the history of Holy Years.

The year provides an extra opportunity of grace for the church both universal and local.  May we all take advantage of the great grace made available to us all y our heavenly Father.


One thought on “Doors of Mercy open throughout the diocese

  1. We attended the Cathedral today for Adoration (as advertised in this weeks newsletter and the website and to pass through the Holy Door. Unfortunately Adoration had been cancelled and we understand the reason why. However may we make some comments about the Door of Mercy.
    The Diocesan website says that Each pilgrim who passes through a Door of Mercy will be able to collect a card with a short reflection on the theme of God’s Mercy as a keepsake of their pilgrimage in this Holy Year, and as a reminder to is of the infinite measure of God’s Mercy. There are five cards that make up the series … one for each of the Doors of Mercy within the diocese. So there is only one way you can complete the series; over the course of the Holy Year make pilgrimage to all five doors.
    We could not find any of the cards referred to. In fact there was no literature or leaflets relating to the Year of Mercy to be seen or to be available to visitors to take.
    Outside of the Cathedral there were no banners proclaiming The Year of Mercy and inviting passers by to come into the Church.
    I have noted that in every other Cardiff Catholic Church I have visited there are plentiful supplies of leaflets and literature together with large banners fastened to the outside of those churches proclaiming The Year of Mercy.
    It is to be hoped that in future our Cathedral Church will also proclaim the year with banners on the outside and literature available especially the cards promised to those who pass through the Holy Door.
    Thank you and may God bless you

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