BREAKING NEWS: Time for an upgrade!

Under Construction

For months a team of people here in the Archdiocese of Cardiff have been beavering away to produce a new, revamped diocesan website.  And the time has almost come for the BIG REVEAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As part of the new system, this blog will cease to exist and the newsfeed will be fully integrated into the new system.  Our website address will remain the same ( but instead of a drab static site that is not mobile friendly (see exhibit A).  We will get a new colourful, dynamic site that will also be mobile compatible.

Ex A

Exhibit A: Existing Website

As we are in the process of moving existing data to the new system there will be NO FURTHER updates to the existing newsfeed (here) or the diocesan website.

The Plan of Attack

On February 7th (the centenary of the diocese), the new repackaged system will go live at  What you will see is a repackaged existing website with some of the junk taken out!

Over the course of the following months the site will be expanded to include new, more relevant areas in co-operation with key departments.  The first section to be integrated after go-live will be the Vocations website (  Negotiations with other departments are already underway.  We will then eventually create a Welsh version of the site so that users have a choice of language they wish to view!

Repacking the website and presenting it to the world on Centenary day will allow the diocese to present more dynamic data across the Internet.  We are excited by what we see, and we hope you will be too!

So please be patient as we stop updates over the course of the next week.  It will be worth the wait!




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